Block O'Choc - The World's Only Chocolate Brick

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Block O'Choc is a company formed with one humble ambition. To bring about the end of multinational corporations (specifically Mondelez International) who are destroying our once beloved brands (Cadbury's, Terry's, Toblerone etc.).


By offering a superior alternative. By giving people what they want: great chocolate and loads of it. While those evil companies are reducing the size of their products to increase profits for their shareholders Block O'Choc are making their product massive while struggling to be a viable business.

What People have said

“Good quality milk chocolate, creamy and well balanced.” -

“Choc O'Block (sic) changed me fookin life.” Christen B.

“Hey, at least we'll give you a bunch of comments to feature in all of your future packaging.” Reddit user /u/crispybaconsalad